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Over 70% of Police Federation members have been given the wrong tax code by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) at some time in the last 4 years. As a result they will have paid too much tax without realising, with many still paying too much right now!

These are the findings from over 8,000 Police Federation members who have had their tax codes checked by the UK's leading tax code experts.

Your employer uses the tax code HMRC sends them to work out how much tax to take off your pay, so it is very important they have the right code. But, under HMRC rules it's up to YOU to make sure the code your employer has used each year is actually right.

Fortunately, if you are one of the 70% that have paid too much tax, you can still get your money back from HMRC. However, few taxpayers know enough about tax to spot errors in their past or present tax codes, or want to speak directly with HMRC.

If you earn less than 43,000 pa. or are married, it's especially important you check your tax code this year. Dog Handlers in particular frequently lose money from their wages they were entitled to keep. Failing to check your tax code could result in you losing over 240 from your wages this year alone

Over 2.7 million taxpayers have already used this service, including over 8,000 Police Federation members, with HMRC paying back over 108m in tax refunds as a direct result. millions more are being saved every year with taxpayers now using the right code.

The Tax Refund Company will carry out a comprehensive review of your current and last 4 year's tax codes.

Unless you receive a refund, the service will be completely FREE. If they discover any errors and are successful in securing a tax refund, where your refund is up to 100, there is a fee of 38*. Where your refund is over 100 the fee is 38p for each 1 they recover for you.

Refunds for Police Federation members typically average around 186 each. Where a new tax code is required, they will arrange this as well.

In the rare event they find you owe more tax, they will NOT inform HMRC. However, they will help you resolve the matter if you want to, by using their unique Underpayment Service. It's especially designed to help the several million unfortunate taxpayers who receive tax demands from HMRC each year. Over half the tax they are asked to check ultimately turn out to be wrong!

To have your tax codes checked by the UK`s leading tax code experts, click here

The Tax Refund Company can be contacted on 0161 968 7345 (Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm)

*Where your refund is under 38, the fee will be reduced accordingly so there is nothing more to pay.