Group Life Assurance

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Criteria for eligibility.

It is a requirement that in order to participate in any of the Police Federation Insurance schemes (except travel/RAC) officers must also be subscribing members to the Police Federation of England & Wales.

It is not possible to join the Group Life Assurance Scheme other than at the start of an officers service within the Force. Officers transferring into Kent Police from other forces, and those transferring into the force at ranks higher than that of Chief Inspector are able to join the scheme if they do so at the start of their Kent service.

Subscribing members of the Federation may join all other Federation insurance schemes at any time.

Retiring officers must have been subscribing members for a minimum period of two years prior to retirement in order to be able to continue being able to participate in the Group Life Assurance Scheme.

If further clarification is required please contact any member of staff in the Federation Office who will be happy to answer any query.

All new probationers are automatically given a minimum of 32 weeks of free subscriptions to all insurances (except Travel insurance) on joining the force if they elect to join the scheme at the earliest opportunity.

Allowances will be made for those officers who were unable to complete the minimum term prior to retirement eg. Ill health retirees, or transferees with less than two years to work prior to retirement.

The Force Group life Assurance scheme is run and administered by the Kent Joint Branch Board. The scheme is underwritten by the Canada life Insurance company through our brokers George Burrows.

For serving officers, the current death benefit payable for contributing officers is £125,000 at a cost of £10.78 per calendar month

In addition to the main scheme, there is also the extended "spouses / partners scheme." This provides a death benefit of £62,500 for an additional premium of £5.50 per month

Included within the cover is membership of a Critical Illness plan, which provides a payment (currently £4,000) to members who are diagnosed with a critical illness as defined by the policy.

In the sad event of a member covered under the scheme being diagnosed with a terminal illness where life expectancy is less than 12 months, the scheme also allows for up to 20% of the final death benefit to be paid to the member in advance.

Both schemes can be continued into normal retirement and up to the age of 65 years when the member (and spouse) leave the extended scheme and automatically pass into the 65-69 scheme unless the member opts out

. Police pensioners can cover themselves (in our extended scheme) for a death benefit of £62,500 for £16.87 per month, and the Pensioner spouses scheme offers a payout of £31,250 for a monthly premium of £7.50.

The 65-69 scheme has a death benefit of £7,500 for both retired member and spouse. The monthly premium for the member is £8.59 (this includes Best Doctors) and for spouse £7.50

It is important to note that the schemes are administered under a trust deed. The disbursements of the death benefits are at the sole discretion of the Trustees. The Trustees have a legal duty to comply with their obligations under the Trust deed, and in accordance with the Trustees Act 2000.

It is therefore extremely important that members of these schemes inform the Kent Police Federation Office of the details of their nominated beneficiary AND update the office if for whatever reason they wish to change their beneficiary.

Furthermore, because of the trust status of the scheme, members are advised not to incorporate details within their wills.

The person currently administering the scheme within the Kent Police Federation Joint Branch Board office is Mr. Peter Harman.

Peter can be contacted directly at the Federation Office at FHQ or via email