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Our legal Expenses policy wording has changed

The following are changes applicable to the existing policy and take effect with immediate effect.

  • >  Amended the intention of the 'Employment Disputes exclusion a)' to clarify the intention of the cover, in that there is no cover for anything arising from or relating to You being, or having been, a police officer.

  • >  Under the Personal Identity Fraud section of cover, Arc have expanded on what they deem to be 'reasonable precautions' by providing examples

Arc - Police Officers Legal Assistance

We have decided to offer members the opportunity to purchase a Legal Expenses Insurance policy designed specifically to meet the needs of police officers and their families. The company which we have selected is Arc Legal Assistance Ltd, the country’s leading provider of legal expenses insurance to Police Federations. Arc administer facilities for 14 Federations including the Metropolitan, West Midlands and Essex. The policy is backed by Inter Partner Assistance, part of the AXA Group, the world’s second largest insurer.

A specimen of the policy document is available providing full details of the cover. In summary the package provides cover for legal costs of up to 60,000 per claim for matters arising in a number of areas including:

  • To defend off duty criminal prosecutions (including motor) To pursue or defend disputes arising from the purchase or sale of goods and services (including the purchase of the home)
  • To pursue claims against parties infringing your legal rights relating to your home (nuisance and trespass)
  • To pursue claims for compensation following damage to personal property
  • To pursue motor uninsured loss claims (cover extends to all vehicles in the household)
  • Cover for Spouse / Partner and dependants to bring an action against an employer for breach of contract
  • Cover to defend the members against allegations of discrimination brought by fellow officers
  • Cover to pursue personal injury claims (including those arising from medical malpractice)
  • Access to 24hr legal and taxation advice on any personal legal or taxation problem
  • Access to an independent counselling service

Whilst Legal expenses cover is offered by some home and motor insurers as an add on to their policies at a typical cost of 20 per household/ vehicle. This package provides for all of the benefits generally available under those two policies plus additional cover specific to police officers which is not available elsewhere. The cost to members is 2.35 per month payable by salary deduction. This represents excellent value for money particularly bearing in mind the extent of the cover available and the fact that it applies to the whole household and to all vehicles in the household.

There are a number of officers and retired officers who are already subscribing to the existing Capita legal scheme via direct debit. As this scheme has now ceased those members must cancel their direct debits. The application form can be downloaded and sent to the Mel Lewis, Federation Office, Force Headquarters.


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