Misconduct & Unsatisfactory Performance Procedures

All Officers should be aware that they are subject to both Police Misconduct Procedures and Unsatisfactory Performance procedures.

Note: Probationary/ student officers' unsatisfactory performance is dealt with under a separate Regulation.

Should officers find themselves subject of the above, it is advised that they should consider immediately contacting either their own Area Federation Representative or one of the Federation Officers at Headquarters.

A number of your Representatives have been trained in the duties of a Federation 'Friend'. This is a colleague who can give advice on procedures relating to Misconduct and Unsatisfactory Performance.

In addition, if requested, they can also attend interviews and act on your behalf at any subsequent misconduct or unsatisfactory performance meeting or hearing.

In respect of misconduct, the Federation gives the following advice;

All Officers who become aware that a complaint has been made against them, or are subject of a criminal investigation should immediately seek advice from your Federation Representative or a Solicitor before making any statements, written or verbal, or answering any questions.

If at any time an individual feels 'pressed' by Investigating Officers to answer questions etc. a polite reply should be given stating that they have been advised to first consult a 'Friend'. They should also state that they wish a 'Friend', or in appropriate cases their Legal Advisor, to be present at any interview.

Officers who are called upon to attend for interview should ascertain first whether they are under investigation and if so consider asking a 'Friend' to accompany them.