Policing is "on its knees"

Media release

On the day the Westminster parties reveal details of their policing and crime manifestos, they must recognise that policing is on its knees and cannot take any more cuts. Kent Police has lost 500 police officers and 700 police staff colleagues. Another £61M worth of cuts are planned over the next 4 years. When £1M equals 20 police officers, that's the potential to cull another 1,220 officers reducing Kent Police to an establishment of a mere 2,000 officers.

Ian Pointon, Chairman of Kent Police Federation says,

"Whether on its knees or at breaking point, policing in Kent cannot find another £61M and continue to provide the same level of service to the public. In simple terms you get neither the same nor more for less."

He continues,

"If public safety is not to be put in serious and sustained jeopardy then whoever is elected to govern us, they need to urgently address the issue of further police budget cuts. If they don't then society will pay a heavy price, and it will take decades to put right."

He concludes,

"The cracks are already there. Victims are waiting longer for the police to get to them. Every victim of crime no longer sees a police officer. Police stations and front counters have closed. Crime in Kent rose 11% last year. Cuts have consequences. Another £61M worth of cuts and the public won't recognise their local police service."

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