Concern over police resilience to maintain levels of service

Media release.

Today's College of Policing analysis of the demands on the police service paints a stark picture of current pressures and future ability to maintain levels of service. Whilst we are told crime continues to fall, certain categories of crime show alarming increases - violence up; public disorder up; sexual offences up; fraud up; shoplifting up. These crime categories will rightly be of grave concern to the public.

Ian Pointon, Chairman of Kent Police Federation says,

"Whilst this is a national report from the College of Policing, it equally applies to Kent Police and confirms what officers have been consistently telling me for years. Demand is not falling; quite the reverse. This is only exaggerated by the loss of 500 police officers and 700 police staff colleagues.

He continues,

"This report also ends the myth that policing is all about crime. Police officers deal with so much more than crime - road traffic crashes, missing people; those suffering a mental health crisis; protective work to safeguard the public such as child protection and monitoring sex offenders. Just think about the policing of Operation Stack on the M20."

He concludes,

"Kent Police faces another round of swingeing cuts. Police officer numbers will shrink to the levels last seen in the early 1980s. You don't need me to tell you how the world has changed since then. Policing is already at breaking point. Further cuts will destroy what little resilience is left. The public needs to understand that policing will cease to operate as it does now. You can't police the 21st century with 1980s resources; we wouldn't expect the NHS to do this and we shouldn't expect it of policing."

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