Kent Police Launches New Policing Model

Media Release

Today sees the launch of Kent Police's new policing model with a greater emphasis on locally delivered policing.

Ian Pointon, Chairman of Kent Police Federation says,

"We are pleased this new model will actually contain some neighbourhood policing with the introduction of Community Policing Teams, coupled to an emphasis on the local control of visible police resources."

He continues,

"However, the public should be under no illusions. This is not about new and extra resources; this is about trying to do the best with an ever-shrinking number of resources. This is about trying to continue to provide an excellent service to the people of Kent with a further cut of £20,000,000 to the budget resulting in even fewer officers, police staff and PCSOs."

He concludes,

"As the number of police officers shrinks back to levels last seen in the 1980s, I suspect the public will continue to see further reductions in levels of service; front counters already closed; every crime victim no longer able to be seen by a police officer; schools liaison officers gone. Today sees the launch of a new policing model. As the cuts continue to bite I fear it won't be the last." back button to go to previous page