Resigning Officer under investigation?

Media Release

Recent media reports of the IPCC investigation into the events of 15th December 2013 involving Denby Collins have stated that a police officer under investigation is resigning.

Ian Pointon Chairman of Kent Police Federation says,

"The officer who is resigning is not under investigation by the IPCC. In fact as late as 5 days ago the officer received a letter from the IPCC confirming their status as a witness. So I repeat, this officer is not under investigation and to suggest otherwise is disingenuous."

He continues,

"The officer's resignation is part of their long term plan and not in any way connected with the investigation they are a witness to. The officer is cooperating fully with the IPCC and has already submitted a comprehensive witness statement and pocket note book entry."

He concludes,

"It is wholly inappropriate for anyone to suggest this officer has done anything wrong or is seeking to avoid this IPCC investigation. This is simply not the case. We are fully supporting this officer."

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