Mrs Barnes - Police & Crime Panel

Media Release

This morning Mrs Barnes appeared before the Police & Crime Panel where she apologised for the programme, "Meet the Police Commissioner", described as a PR disaster by the Panel Chairman, Mr Hill.

Ian Pointon, Chairman of Kent Police Federation says,

"On behalf of rank & file police officers I welcome Mrs Barnes' apology to the hardworking men & women of Kent Police.

He continues,

"I have only ever sought to make comment to represent the views of police officers and to mitigate any reputational damage to those I represent, their staff colleagues and Kent Police. The politics of this situation has always been a matter for others, not me.

He concludes,

"As detailed by Mr Hill, Mrs Barnes now has to start and build bridges both internally and externally. Kent Police Federation represents 3,200 police officers and we would welcome the opportunity to work with Mrs Barnes to improve those internal relationships."

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