"Meet the Police Commissioner" - Media release

Recent coverage of the forthcoming Cutting Edge documentary, Meet the Police Commissioner, has caused a media storm and been the topic of much conversation and speculation within Kent Police.

For some, the coverage and preview clips have undermined the reputation of Kent Police. The full documentary is due to be screened tomorrow at 9pm on Channel 4.

Ian Pointon, Chairman of Kent Police Federation says,
"I have only seen the preview clips and consequently will reserve judgement until I have seen the entire programme."

He continues,
"However, I am concerned about the reputational damage caused by these clips, reputational damage to police officers, their staff colleagues and Kent Police. It is important we all understand that Mrs Barnes does not run Kent Police. The Chief Constable runs Kent Police, a police officer with 30 years of policing experience."

He concludes,
"I sincerely hope the public can draw a very clear distinction between the PCC and the officers and staff who, day in day out, provide an excellent service to the people of Kent."

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