Statement in relation to the front page story
The Times - 15th November 2012
"Five police held over false crime statistics"

It would be wholly inappropriate for me to comment about the current investigation into the five officers. There is a process that must be gone through. They must not be subjected to a trial by media. We are supporting the officers.

However, Kent Police has a performance culture that focuses too keenly on ticks in boxes. Targets are set for individuals, teams and the Force as a whole. Officers feel under enormous pressure to reach those targets, particularly in relation to the rate of detected crime and crime reduction. That pressure is all pervading. Officers know that failure to reach those targets can have a detrimental effect on them personally.

Since 2006 we have highlighted the negative impact of this pressurised performance culture, a culture that is more about quantity than quality. Sadly our legitimate concerns have all too often fallen on deaf ears.

Ian Pointon
Kent Police Federation

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