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Elections on the horizon!

Happy New Year to all and I hope that there was an opportunity for you to spend time with family and loved ones over the festive period.

Not always easy 'putting pen to paper' to write a blog. Not everyone is interested in the same issues, not every member will be interested in anything coming from the federation. Many will be openly critical of anything and everything the federation does. I see it most days simply from posting news items on Facebook. It is a challenge, understanding and representing the wider memberships views and presenting the arguments and concerns to the force management, the PCC and other outside interests such as MP's.

I was initially surprised at the extent to which relationships were built with management within the organisation and also outside of it. But when you think about it, when your remit is to negotiate, influence to represent, without the strong arm of the 'withdrawal of labour', then this is vital otherwise nothing would ever be achieved. As a result, I attend many engagements and meetings and need officer's feedback to assist in my contributions to these and because of the amount of media work I do. I need to know the differing opinions and positions so compromises can be safely had (and where they can't) so the best deal can be achieved for federated members.

Perhaps the most important working relationship we have in the federation is the one with the individual member who contacts us for help. This is sometimes the most difficult as discussions can be had that the member did not want to hear or the advice and support is not what they were expecting. Other times it can be complex, straightforward or extremely positive as a way forward is worked out.

Why highlight the above? For me, it's what makes being a rep interesting and rewarding.

We have elections coming in February 2018 and these will be the first under the new rules and regulations that parliament approved at the end of December 2017. There will be 45 reps for Kent in total (3 of which are the full time Federation positions). The initial workplace elections will be for the 42 work based representatives across the force, so there are plenty of opportunities. Information will be appearing on the Kent Fed facebook, website and on insite and also on posters locally in the stations. Current reps will also be a good source of information.

As a workplace rep you'll get to engage with your SLT regularly raising the issues that matter as well as getting involved in misconduct, equality, health and safety and other critical workplace issues. You'll be part of the Kent Federation council and will have the opportunity to stand in and vote for positions to our board. I'm pushing for changes to give those who want to get involved to have development opportunities to gain the skills and experiences needed for the full time positions that we have in Kent.

So if you have thought about it, are thinking about it then ask us and take part either by voting or standing as a candidate to be a rep.

Chris Carter
Kent Police Federation

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