Winsor Report - Chairman's Message

Some time has now passed since Winsor and Hutton produced their respective report on police pay and pensions. We must wait to see which recommendations will be adopted by the Government and referred to the Police Negotiating Board.

Many of you have e-mailed this office wanting to know what is going to happen. You have asked what the Police Federation is going to do. You have also asked what you can do to help. The fight against these proposals is not going to be a quick one and we need to ensure we don't fire all our bullets in the first half hour of the battle.

Ian Rennie, our General Secretary, rightly described this fight as the most important "officer requiring assistance" call you will ever have to respond to as a police officer. I couldn't have put it better myself. Never before has there been a time when your staff association will need your help to defend all our terms and conditions.

The current fight we are in is not just about "pay and rations". It's about the future of policing. The impact of the budget cuts that will reduce officer numbers by 500 and police staff by 1000 in Kent alone. How these devastating and draconian cuts will affect frontline policing, not the infantile definition of "bobbies on the beat" peddled by politicians but rather the reality of frontline policing that includes crime investigators; surveillance officers; those who deal with domestic violence and sex offenders; those involved in counter terrorism. The list is not exhaustive and you can fill in the gaps. What will we do less of in the future?

For many years the Police Federation, in the face of politically motivated reform upon politically motivated reform, has been calling for a Royal Commission on policing. Take the debate over the future of policing out of the hands of politicians and place into the hands of a genuinely independent Royal Commission that could take evidence from far and wide. We have been told these take too long. Politicians have been reforming the police since the turn of the century and are still talking about it. We could have had several Royal Commissions in that time with the recommendations introduced. Why wouldn't anyone want the future of policing (a non-political public service) decided in a truly politically independent way?

Mr John Hemming, (Liberal Democrat. MP for Yardley), has tabled an early day motion calling for same. Please see the below link.

What can you do?

We need you to lobby your MP. We don't want you to write because pro forma letters just produce pro forma responses written by………the Home Office!!

We want you to make an appointment and visit your MP at his/her surgery. Kent is wholly Conservative. This is great opportunity to send a clear message to the Government via their own MPs. We also want you to get your families involved - mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, partners, etc. An attack on your standard of living is in all probability an attack on theirs too. They have a right to a voice over the future of policing. They may not be police officers but do they want to see 500 fewer officers in four years in Kent. Do they want to see 1000 fewer police staff employees with their roles potentially being backfilled by police officers?

In order to assist you there are a number of documents attached to this e-mail.

  1. List of all Kent MPs and how to make contact.

  2. A video message from Paul McKeever - National Chairman.

  3. An analysis of Winsor's examples in his report.

  4. An analysis of his recommendations by Ian Rennie - General Secretary.

There are also numerous documents on our website to assist you:

This is an opportunity for you to join us in fighting Winsor, Hutton and the budget cuts. This is your opportunity to fight for a fair deal for police officers. This is your opportunity to fight for the future of the finest police service in the world.

Don't look back in 6 months time wishing you had done more. Act now before it's too late.

Ian Pointon