Winsor Report


Dear Colleagues,

Whilst I have not had the opportunity to digest the entirety of Winsor’s review I have carefully studied the 62 recommendations contained within pages 214 – 219. It is no more or no less than we expected. It is a fundamental and far reaching attack on police officers’ terms and conditions, those vital protections designed to protect a workforce that cannot protect itself. Far from seeing our inability to take any form of industrial action as a factor to be rewarded, Winsor has clearly used it as a something to be taken advantage of.

The hand of Theresa May is writ large throughout the recommendations – a response to a dogmatic policy of reducing police expenditure no matter what the cost to individual officers or the public we serve.

Do not be beguiled with promises of a non-pensionable shift allowance as this needs to be balanced against a 2 year freeze in incremental progression – this alone will take on average £2,000 out of your pensionable salary. You won’t be getting an SPP or your CRTP (£1200 per annum pensionable). Casual overtime at flat rate – I wonder how reluctant managers will be now to keep officers on duty? Payments for PSU officers "held in reserve" such as Oasis and G20 are greatly reduced – just in time for the Olympics or am I just a cynic? This report has one goal – to save money. It is an object lesson in smoke and mirrors and the coming hours and days will see greater analysis of what I predict will be fanciful claims of extra money.

This report is designed to split the police service from the top to the bottom – it is the oldest trick to divide and conquer. I believe Winsor has sadly underestimated the family that is policing – history tells us we stand together. In the coming weeks we will have to stand together as we have never done so before. We will require your support to fight these disgraceful proposals, whether that’s in force or further afield. This is not a fight the Police Federation can win on its own.


Ian Pointon